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Your first step to be a Teacher - Prepare to succeed at Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)
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In the last 1 month, TETGuru has helped thousands of TET students improve their scores by 18%.
Our goal is to provide YOU with the best chance to succeed at TET (Teacher Eligibility Test).

We believe the best way to prepare for success in TET is to practice, practice and practice your knowledge, accuracy and speed.

So, we bring you lots and lots of practice tests!!!

Know how practice tests helped Gita clear TET. (Watch Video)
TETGuru Study Programs
TETGuru Study Programs offer you various assessments across a comprehensive database of practice questions covering the entire syllabus required by the CTET & various State Board TETs.
View Syllabus that we cover
The questions are prepared by TETGuru's team of experienced academic experts and the practice tests are designed to test your knowledge across the syllabus. Questions are tagged by skill and assessed for difficulty dynamically.

We offer you various types of assessments -
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Full length Tests - 150 questions, 1.5 hours.
Each Test will cover the following subjects -
Child Development & Pedagogy, 2 Languages, Mathematics & Env. Studies (Paper 1) OR Maths & Science / Social Science (Paper 2)
Each subject will have 30 questions. Only for Paper 2, Maths & Science / Social Science will have 60 questions.
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Why Prepare with TETGuru?
  • Prepare according to your needs - Paper 1(Class I-V), 2(Class VI-VIII) or Both - choose your subjects - Languages, Maths & Science or Social Science (Paper 2)
  • Practice online anywhere, any time on a computer or a mobile phone.
  • Test thoroughly on speed, accuracy and knowledge.
  • Challenge yourself and compare with your peers to assess your preparation & performance in a competitive setup.
  • Track your progress across subjects and target your efforts accordingly.
  • Review your answers and brush up your knowledge.
Who uses TETGuru?
All those who want to prepare thoroughly to succeed at TET & become a teacher.
How to Begin...
TETGuru is FREE!
So, save the money you would spend on expensive prep courses and practice, prepare
and succeed in TET.
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